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Dr Tanya Skincare Launch with Spa Circle

Dr Tanya Skincare Launch with Spa Circle

About Dr Tanya and Dr Tanya Skincare

Dr Tanya Unni (MBBS, MRCGP, FRACG), an entrepreneur, doctor, mother, and skincare specialist, integrates over 18 years of medical experience with her Indian roots to create Dr Tanya Skincare. Her philosophy emphasises a holistic approach to health, combining Ayurvedic rituals with modern science to develop natural and cosmeceutical products. The result is a range of easy-to-use, functional formulas that deliver clinical results with minimal effort. Dr Tanya Skincare embodies the fusion of culture and science, aiming to help people achieve true inner and outer beauty. 

About Her Skin Clinic

Dr Tanya Cosmetic Clinic specialises in advanced cosmetic treatments. The clinic offers personalised solutions for a wide range of skin concerns, including acne, pigmentation, and aging. Services include anti-aging treatments, injectable fillers, and innovative skincare therapies. Combining modern medical science with natural ingredients, the clinic aims to deliver optimal skin health and radiant beauty through expert guidance and cutting-edge techniques.

Dr Tanya Skincare Hero Products

Holy Basil Face Serum

Brightens skin, reduces acne scars and pigmentation.

Key Actives: 
Holy Basil: A sacred antioxidant-rich Indian herb that improves the skin’s response to stress while helping treat acne and pigmentation, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. 
Cacay Oil: Helps boost skin hydration, reduce the signs of ageing, protect the skin barrier, and enhance skin firmness. 
Jojoba Oil: Seals in moisture and balances natural oil production to offer antioxidant protection and maintain skin hydration for a brighter, more supple complexion.

Client Review:
“Loved this product. Bought it out of curiosity and now I am enjoying it. Easy to use and feels very luxurious. Won't believe how relaxing it is. My husband is also using it now. Can definitely see a difference in the hair growth and now I am gonna buy one for my sister-in-law too. Looks cool and I love it because it doesn't make my hair oily or sticky. Researching a lot about holy Basil now." 
– Abi. Holy Basil Face Serum.



Comprehensive vibrating brush that dispenses serums, oils, and other treatments evenly throughout the scalp to promote healthier, happier hair.

Key Points: 
3-speed function: Vibrational technology that stimulates blood circulation and hair growth while simultaneously reducing hair loss. 
Deep scalp penetration: Massages the scalp with serums of your choice to enhance penetration for deep conditioning and detoxifying to improve hair vitality and root strength. 
Easy to use: Comes with a rechargeable lithium battery and an easy-to-use USB charger for ease of use. The NuBrush automatically switches off after 10 minutes for optimal results to avoid overstimulation.

Client Review:
"I purchased this for myself and one for my niece who has 'fly away' frizzy thick hair but I also use it for my hair and to massage my head using traditional Indian methods to activate energy points. I absolutely love this and use it just before going to sleep, I use it on my temples, forehead and all over the head. It feels so relaxing and wonderful. Highly recommend this product for hair, PLUS if you had stress in your life you wish to relieve. It's excellent." 
– Karen. NuBrush.


Holy Basil Hair Serum

A unique scalp and hair serum containing sacred Indian Holy Basil. Revive the dullest, tired-looking hair instantly with Dr Tanya's Holy Basil Hair Serum.

Key Actives: 
Holy Basil: A potent ancient botanical that strengthens hair follicles and stimulates the scalp by helping treat dandruff, hair loss, and more.
Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E): Helps boost scalp health and balance oil production to stimulate hair growth, strength, and shine for more luscious locks.

Client Review:
“I have purchased 4 of these for my family. My son particularly has noticed a big improvement in his hair. He had thinning hair on top and now it has thickened his hair growth considerably. We all love it because it cares for the scalp while at the same time it is pampering and relaxing.”
– Vicki. Holy Basil Hair Serum.


Dr Tanya Skincare is Australian-made, cruelty-free, and uses responsibly sourced ingredients. This range combines Ayurvedic principles with scientific innovation to deliver effective skincare solutions. 

Dr Tanya Skincare has recently launched with Spa Circle. To purchase Dr Tanya Skincare for your salon or clinic through Spa Circle, go here or become a member to gain purchasing access.


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