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Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Lash Delight and Beauty, Nundah, QLD

Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Lash Delight and Beauty, Nundah, QLD

Lash Delight and Beauty


Lash Delight & Beauty is a professional and personalised lash, brow and skin sanctuary located in Nundah.

Services: lashes, brows, skin

Catch up with Jess from Lash Delight and Beauty to see how the magic is created..

"My name is Jess Kenealy and I am the sole operator and owner of a home studio clinic called 'Lash Delight and Beauty' in Nundah, Queensland. My journey into the beauty business was one of those that took time. I have always wanted to do beauty work, but at the same time for years due to other responsibilities i ended up settling in my office work for years which i did enjoy and the environment but thankful for fateful day my husband decided to move abroad again due to his work.

For the second time, we moved to Doha, Qatar in the Middle East. I was going to become a stay at home wife and mum again. Then the light bulb moment happened when I told my husband that I’m always having to resign my work and relinquish my position which I was happy to stay in, but I then told him since this is the second time I’ve had to leave comfortable work, I will start learning and training in beauty! So I did.

Soon after, I did my first beauty training in lashes - with Yumi Lashes France. I never looked back. This type of beauty work kept me very busy and occupied while living an expat life abroad, and while being a mum at the same time. It was the best decision ever made. It then helped me create and start my online presence with social media, as I knew if I ever returned home that I would have work featured already and won't appear like I’ve just started. This eventually lead to clients finding me when starting fresh upon our return to Brisbane.

We returned to home on September of 2018, I was in negotiation to return to my employment as a contractor. It seemed like it was good to go, the recommencing of work date wast set and it was just a waiting game. But then I think the universe had other plans, I was told that the role and job is not going ahead due to less funding and that positions were full and technically they did not require a contractor in the end. And so I began to really look into setting up my home business.

In November of that same year, I started up my home business - starting up a little quiet but as the months rolled in I knew it was the best decision made! The first year was all about getting out and establishing clients, second year was still all about the that too, but more settled even if Covid challenges happened. After that it was almost a blessing as many people wanted to support small business, which myself and I am sure other small businesses appreciated! Moving forward, I eventually trained into brow design with True Brow, then moved on to skin work with facials and of course now partnered with your wonderful brand to be able to deliver these amazing treatments!

I am now also the Trainer of Yumi Lashes Australia in Brisbane. Facilitating private training in my premises or delivering it on behalf and through Beaute Internationale as well which is one of our biggest beauty distributors here in Queensland.

So since then, I gained loyal clients and some travelled far to come to me which is just so lovely! I always thought it would have been easier to go somewhere convenient but I really did meet the loveliest clients who are happy to come when I am able to fit them in rather than the other way around! I always said that I was lucky! But a wonderful client reminded me that it’s not just luck it’s because I worked hard and remained professional to be able to keep this thing going. So thankful for that reminder!

It’s amazing what passion and turning it into my “little career” can do! Finding a meaning and purpose within your work is the best thing! Still some people don’t get to experience and I will never forget when I decided to just dive into it. I was feeling brave enough and I wanted to try because it had a good effect on me and purely just because it made me happy! Helping others look and feel their best! From having zero clients to having my lovely clients now....definitely the best decision I ever made!

I used to think starting a small business was daunting but I thought - give it a shot because it’s always better to say 'I’ve tried' than just asking myself 'what if?!' Keeping a small business going is not easy and not as pretty as my social media content, but If  you love what you do and have passion for it, then the journey and the people you meet is definitely the reward!"


Thank you so much Jess for sharing your beautiful story.



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