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Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Peachy Skin & Body Melbourne, VIC

Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Peachy Skin & Body Melbourne, VIC

Peachy Skin & Body


Peachy Skin & Body is a refreshing home beauty clinic located in Melbourne

Services: skin, tanning, nails

Catch up with Peachy Skin & Body to see how the magic is created..


Where did your journey in the beauty industry begin?

My journey began 13 years ago when I was 17 years old and was feeling the pressure of what to do as a career, I knew I wanted to spend every day of my life doing things I enjoy while making others feel good about themselves. So, I decided beauty was my calling! That year I started at Elly Lukas beauty college and also got a part time job at a local nail & beauty salon where I learnt the fundamentals of beauty therapy and client-care.


What makes your salon so successful?

Every salon can be successful in their own way, but I have found customer rapport the most important. I love getting to know my customers and having fun with them. Showing them my true self is what helps customers feel at ease. I am also a big believer in knowledge is power, I love to educate my clients during their skin treatments about what is best for their skin concern, and I find clients really love that too as it shows I care about helping them achieve results.


Which Esthemax product could you not live without?

For myself it is the white lotus silk eye mask, it instantly puts me to sleep and feels so comfortable (not sure if this falls under the Esthemax products, so this doesn't need to be added if so). I cannot live without the Esthemax hydrojelly masks, once I introduced them to my customers they absolutely loved the feeling of them. Not only do they look pretty, they're actually packed full of skin loving ingredients that instantly leave the skin looking healthy.


If there was some advice you could give an up and coming therapist, what would you tell them?

I would tell them that learning the fundamentals first is so important and is what will make you a great therapist. Learn from the more experienced therapists around you, and be humble. It can be a small industry where everyone knows everyone, so never burn bridges. Keep going until you find our niche, there are so many different avenues in this industry, so don't give up.


How did your business change after you introduced Esthemax?

Once I introduced Esthemax I was able to customise my client's treatments and results that little bit more which was great. Plus, social media wise, people were really loving the photos of the masks!


What are your goals for this year?

This year my goals are to concentrate on gaining new customers, renovating my beauty room, and introducing more modalities that I'm very excited about!



Find Peachy Skin & Body.

Melbourne, VIC, 3131

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