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17 Instagram Content Ideas for Skin Clinics, Beauty Salons & Day Spas

17 Instagram Content Ideas for Skin Clinics, Beauty Salons & Day Spas

One thing I know about the spa & beauty industry is that many of our business owners are incredible therapists themselves & on top of all the other things you need to do as a business owner, content creation can be the very last thing on your mind. So here are some content ideas specific to Skin Clinics, Beauty Salons & Day Spas that will get you inspired to start creating content to help your business grow. 

Let’s get started!

1. Create a carousel series

Carousels which are the multi slide posts have on average greater reach and engagement. An even more memorable way to create a carousel is to launch a weekly series that discusses all things skin, products, services, you or common topics that come up for your customers. You might choose a specific day each week to launch your carousel series.



2. Instagram Story Polls 

Driving engagement is the name of the game on Instagram,  one of the many features of Instagram are Instagram Story Polls. While they not only drive engagement you can find so much more about your customers and what services, products or things they like. I love Instagram story polls because they are a super quick and easy way to learn more about your followers while also driving engagement. 

3. Instagram Story Q&A 

Another one of the many instagram features is Instagram story Q&As which primary goal is to drive interaction between you and your followers. You may have seen influencers do the "Ask me anything" 

You can look at your responses by swiping up on your story. Pick the responses you want to answer by tapping and clicking ‘Share Your Response.’ Sharing will automatically add the question to your Story where you can type or film your response.


4. Tutorials on Reels 

You can provide so much education through your social media to really become your local Skin expert! This one is so easy for our industry, create a how to reel on How to manage Acne/Rosacea/Ageing/Stress etc etc. You do this everyday when you prescribe skincare to your clients anyway so why not share your expertise to the world. 

Followers are always interested in educating themselves about new industry-related topics or products. Reels allows you to add text and transitions and edit your video content, so it’s more accessible and digestible for your audience. 



5. Follow the trends 

While I believe chasing trends & doing the dances isn't the best form of content to find your ideal client especially if you are location-based, these can be a fun way to show your personality & lift up the mood. 

Short-form video content is fastly becoming the most popular social media content to consume. 

6. Branded Memes 

We've all been there, giggling at memes that float around on social media, the fun thing about our industry is that there are so many skincare & beauty memes around that are lighthearted pieces of content that lift the mood of your feed. Obviously we want to post memes that are in alignment with our values and brand without any chances of wild controversies. 

7. User-Generated Content (UGC)

Community driven content builds trust, below is a pure 100% organic UGC style repost from a Sunny Skin customer. You can also make things easier for your customers to make UGC style content by creating instagrammable spaces in your salon, spa or skin clinic.  


8. Repurpose content from IG Lives, Q&A sessions of team training, salon events 

When you go live on instagram this can also increase discoverability, connect to your followers, and broaden your audience by hosting discussions, sharing and demonstrating new products, or answering questions from your followers in real-time.

If your followers missed the live, then you can recap it on your feed. You can even save your Live session and post it to your story or feed. 

9. Behind-The-Scenes (BTS) 

BTS lets your followers get to know the real you and what it takes to run a spa operation. These raw moments can sometimes become the most watched or engaged content because it's raw, genuine & not edited. Many people are really over the edited, curated, overly aesthetic instagram feeds. 

 Here is another BTS voiceover style reel by Sunny Skin that talks about the making of the brand. 

10. Showcase your team & in house experts 

People love learning more about the people who make your company run, give your team the spotlight to share all their favourite things about the work they do and the products that you sell. 

TIP: Tie this into your space with a poster of Staff Favourites & a short why in your retail space to make your retail space more engaging & personable. 

11. Collaborate with other Local Businesses or Influencers with story takeovers 

Instagram Story Takeover can expand your audience. Partner with influencers, creators, or other brands & businesses to take over your story for the day. Make sure they relate to your industry or cater to your specific target audience. 

12. Breaking News 

When there is breaking news especially industry related it can spark great conversation and higher engagement especially when you ask what your followers thoughts are. 

13. Wellbeing & Wellness Content 

Everyone loves a good inspirational quote or wellness tip from time to time. It’s the perfect way to break up a user’s feed and stop them from continuously scrolling while brightening their day or offering some much-needed advice.

14. Astrology Memes, & Zodiac sign related content 

You dont find your weekly & monthly astrology outlooks in every magazine and newspaper for no reason, you could create a fun series where you create an Esthemax Hydrojelly for each Zodiac sign, this could be alot of fun and the opportunities are endless when you start customising combinations. 

15. Repurpose High-Performing Content

Have you had high-performing posts in the past? you know it works so do it again, this time you can freshen it up with new text and make it relevant to today. 

16. Services, Product + Lifestyle Shots & Videos

Showcase your products and services in multiple ways. Product shots are perfect for an up-close view of your product. Lifestyle shots put your product or service in real-life situations that better relate your product to your audience.


17. Brand Videos 

Long form, professional videos showcasing your business in a more immersive kind of way. This may take someone through your space, services, retail, team in a way that is on brand for your business. 

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