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Australian Skin Clinic SPF Analysis: Beauty at Bliss Menai, NSW

Australian Skin Clinic SPF Analysis: Beauty at Bliss Menai, NSW

Beauty at Bliss


Beauty at Bliss is a premium skin and beauty spa located in Menai.

Services: skin, tanning, laser, cosmetic tattooing, lashes, brows, injectables

Catch up with Jessica from Beauty at Bliss to gain her expert insight into

- The Significance of SPF -


As a professional who works with skin everyday, how crucial is SPF in a skincare routine? 

I have always said that SPF is the best anti-ageing product you can get! If you ask any of my clients, they will tell you that I am the biggest advocate for sun protection.

A lot of clients come through our doors wanting us to treat pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, and wrinkles. They invest in their treatment plan and skin products to maintain their results but if SPF isn’t used there is only so much, we can do in clinic for their concerns. Also, a lot of professional treatments we as skin therapists perform can make our skin more sensitive to the sun for a period of time making SPF even more crucial in the days following a professional treatment. 


Why do you think SPF is often neglected in a skincare routine?

Sunscreens have come a long way over the years. Formulations have improved a lot. No longer do we have thick sticky and smelly sunscreens that leave an awful white cast when trying to take the perfect selfie. This is a huge bonus.

A lot of women don’t apply sunscreen as it’s already in their makeup or their daily moisturiser. Depending on their day this simply isn’t enough to fully protect them from sun exposure. 

Often clients will say that they work indoors and don’t need SPF but if they are dealing with computer screens all day, they are having HEV (High Energy Visible Light) exposure from their screens which can be damaging to the skin. Maybe they sit by a window or eat lunch outside at a café. SPF is an essential part of your skincare routine whether you’re inside or outside for the day.

I think that is the biggest reason sunscreen gets neglected.


What do you look for in an SPF?

Something lightweight, easily absorbed, light to no scent, no white cast and filled with skin loving ingredients. Blue light protection is also a must. Sunny Skin ticks all the boxes!

What should I avoid when selecting an SPF for sensitive & post treatment skin types?

Fragrance! SPF with added fragrance may smell nice but they can cause skin irritation for sensitive skins and inflammation for those post in clinic treatments. 


Many think wearing SPF daily will cause breakouts, is this true?

Definitely not! When the right SPF is selected for your skin, then you don’t have to worry about pesky breakouts. Some sunscreens even have additional skin supportive ingredients that help with skin concerns such as breakouts.

If you could choose between chemical SPF or mineral SPF, what would you choose?
Mineral sunscreen! Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide provide full broad-spectrum protection against harmful UV rays. Zinc also helps to heal the skin when there is inflammation present.
Mineral sunscreens are also more suitable to those with sensitive skins and better to use after advanced skin treatments when the skin needs a little extra TLC.
Using mineral sunscreens means your skin isn’t exposed to long term chemical absorption with the potential risk of side effects.


Find Beauty at Bliss.

1c/62 Allison Cres, Menai NSW 2234

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