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Benefit your bottom line with Esthemax

Benefit your bottom line with Esthemax

You already know about the amazing benefits of Esthemax masks so I’d like to share with you some of the best ways we’ve seen clinics Increase; average spend, profitability & guest experience.

Increase Avg spend

  • Add ons / upgrades most clinics charge between $20-40 for a Hydrojelly 
  • Displaying Retail masks at checkout RRP $40 for 2
  • Save time with multiple modality upgrades 
    + LED over Hydrojelly like Spot Diminishing ALA 
    + Lash Lift while Hydrojelly is on 
    + Medi Pedi Foot Peel Mask + Hydrojelly Mask 

If you are a clinic that prefers to work inclusively creating bundled treatments that work in the costs and target specific concerns. For example 

Skin Smoothing Facial
+ Dermaplane
+ Aha exfoliation
+ Hydrojelly Mask
45min for $xx


Bye Bye Breakouts Facial 
+ Peel 
+ Spot Diminishing ALA Mask 
+ Blue Light LED Therapy 
45min for $xx 

Bundle retail masks & a serum with clinic treatment packages. 

Profitability-  Keep an eye on your bottom line!

The best way to bring your cost per treatment down is to buy in bulk or when there’s specials.

Esthemax value packs bring your cost per treatment down and give you free shipping. There are 2 Hydrojelly Value packs that will give you a BONUS of 20 or 50 FREE masks. 

Customisation & Client comfort

Not only are there over 20 types of Hydrojelly to suit any condition you are treating you can also combine masks to give your client even more customisation.

Enjoying the experience is why your clients return, however with treatments like Microneedling where some discomfort may be felt you can finish your protocol on a positive to counteract any discomfort they may have experienced, a Hydrojelly Mask will calm and soothe, create a vacuum seal to allow for better absorption of serums & most importantly feel good.


Not only do Hydrojelly masks feel good, they also look good. One of the really cool things about the Hydrojelly range is that it is so easy to create attractive social content that can generate new & return business for you. 

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