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Combination masking with Esthemax Hydrojelly & Thermal Masks

Combination masking with Esthemax Hydrojelly & Thermal Masks

A Hydrojelly X Thermal mask combination is for when you want to WOW your client with a Signature or Advanced Facial treatment. 

Expect perfectly dewy skin post reveal. 

You should allow 25 mins for this part of your protocol and for the masks to do their job. 

  1. Begin your facial with appropriate cleansing, exfoliating & resurfacing modalities for maximum absorption.
  2. Apply custom serums specific to your clients skin concerns. 
  3. Apply your chosen Hydrojelly, Jellymask or Rubbermask by Esthemax. 
  4. Mix your Esthemax Thermal Mask with water and apply straight over your chosen mask. 
  5. Allow to set & do the work for you over the next 20 minutes. 

The Thermal mask will slowly rise to between 40-50 degrees, then slowly reduce back to body temperature. This process allows for increased circulation & absorption of the serums & mask actives. 

After removal, a lovely way to finish would be with modalities like Sonophoresis, Ice Globes or Crystal Rollers for the cooling/cryo effects. 

Complete your facial as you normally would. 

NOTE: It is recommend you stay in the room with your client if it is their first time having this kind of treatment. A perfect time to release any tension in the decollete, shoulders, neck & scalp allowing unrestricted blood flow & nutrients to the facial region.

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