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Discover Tribe Skincare: The Perfect Solution for Sensitive Skin at Your Beauty Salon

Discover Tribe Skincare: The Perfect Solution for Sensitive Skin at Your Beauty Salon

Today, I am excited to introduce you to a game-changing skincare brand that you'll want to bring into your salon - Tribe Skincare. As a natural, pregnancy-safe, vegan-friendly, and Australian-made brand, Tribe Skincare is designed specifically for sensitive skin, providing gentle and effective solutions for your clients.

Tribe Skincare: Sensitive Skin Solutions

Founded by Kayla Houlihan, a former skin therapist and skin clinic owner, Tribe Skincare was born out of the need for skincare products that catered to sensitive skin without compromising on results. Kayla noticed that the industry was focused on "active" skincare, which worked well for some clients but often caused reactions in those with sensitive skin. Determined to fill this gap, Kayla developed Tribe Skincare to provide a unique, gentle, and result-driven solution for sensitive skin.

Since 2017, Tribe Skincare has helped thousands of Australian women achieve healthier skin, reducing facial redness, minimising breakouts, and bidding farewell to dry patches and eczema. Packed with natural anti-inflammatories, the entire Tribe Skincare range evens skin tone and leaves your clients' skin glowing.

Tribe Skincare is the go-to choice for people with sensitive skin, as it doesn't irritate and consistently leaves skin soothed and hydrated. It's even suitable for those with eczema or rosacea. Regardless of whether your clients have oily or dry skin, Tribe Skincare offers simple-to-follow and effective routines for everyone.

Introducing Tribe Skincare Facials

To bring the Tribe Skincare experience to life in your salon, Spa Circle and Tribe have collaborated to develop express facials and Esthemax Hydrojelly Facials. These treatments will not only elevate your salon's service offerings but also provide your clients with a soothing and luxurious skincare experience tailored specifically for their sensitive skin needs. In this professional facial series we bring together 2 Iconic beauty brands, Esthemax Professional & Tribe Skincare. 

Tribe Skincare is a must-have addition to any beauty salon that values natural, pregnancy-safe, vegan-friendly, and Australian-made skincare products. By offering Tribe Skincare facials, you'll be able to cater to clients with sensitive skin while still delivering exceptional results. Don't miss the opportunity to incorporate Tribe Skincare into your salon and provide a truly unique and gentle skincare experience for your clients.

Reach out to us for more information on how to get started with Tribe Skincare today!

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