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Email Automation for Skin Clinics and Beauty Salons

Email Automation for Skin Clinics and Beauty Salons

Email marketing is one of the many ways to grow your business, increase sales and build strong relationships with current and potential customers. At Esthemax Australia we have worked with several email marketing platforms including mailchimp, klaviyo, shopify email, AI trillion & have personally seen the best results with Omnisend to drive business growth. 

As a Day Spa owner, Esthemax Australia General Manager & mum of 2 I know first hand how busy your day can get which is why I want to share with you some incredible automation hacks that will save you time, nurture new clients & reactivate existing clients. 

There are a few key automated emails (which you may have seen in your inbox from me & my team if you are an Esthemax Australia partner) they are: 

1. A Welcome Series: this series of 4, "nurtures" you to help you get the best out of our product ranges. 

2. Reactivation Campaign: If it has been 6 months since you have ordered,  we check in, see how we can support you and use any feedback to improve our service. 

3. Abandoned Cart: If you don't yet have your retail products online yet, I highly recommend you do this. Some of you may choose to create a closed, password protected website exclusively for your clients (like we do) or open to the public. This automated action is so simple and increases conversion for a very low cost compared to retargeting ads. 

These 3 powerful touch points have not only helped us to increase revenue but most importantly provides us with the feedback to improve our service & product offering. We also have automated review requests but the above 3 have made the biggest impact on our business revenue & service level. 

In addition to above I send regular updates about restocks, new products & products in the pipeline to keep everyone in the loop. 

Use this to create an email marketing strategy that generates more revenue than any other form of marketing for your skin clinic or beauty salon

The main reason I have chosen to continue working with Omnisend over the above mentioned platforms is:

  1. it was the easiest for me to understand 
  2. it had the most capabilities at the best price 
  3. it integrates perfectly with Shopify which is what we use for the Esthemax Australia website and our other brands MSKIN PRO, Humphrey James & Sunny Skin. 
  4. the customer service was great

I hope this helps you increase your business revenue. If you are an Esthemax Australia partner and would like assistance with your own automated strategy please reach out, I love this type of work and work love to help you. 

Esthemax Australia 
0402 212 477 

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