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Esthemax Powder Masks Comparison

Esthemax Powder Masks Comparison

 A quick and easy cheat sheet to help you decide what is type of mask is best for your variety of facials & skin clinic. 

There are three types of Peel off masks made by Esthemax, each of these powder masks are high performance and designed for professional treatments for every skin type and condition. 

Hydrojelly masks are the newest among the 3 types of peel off masks, they contain additional hydration technology with an infusion of electrolytes. Your skin cannot absorb or retain moisture efficiently without the proper balance of electrolytes. These masks are the most hydrating and do not contain any clay. 

Jellymask™, in addition to the benefits of the Rubbermask™ these masks are made mainly with refined alginate which makes them more hydrating that the Rubbermask™. 

Rubbermask is the first peel off mask created, they are made mainly with clay. They create a seal that allows for increased product absorption and infusion of actives. These are now often used for larger areas such as in back facials and butt facials. 

Esthemax Powder Masks Generation  Types  Difference  Hydration  Cost 
Hydrojelly™ 3rd  20 contains new electrolyte technology, the most refined alginate and no clay.  💧💧💧 💵💵💵
Jellymask™ 2nd  11 made mainly with refined alginate. 💧💧 💵💵
Rubbermask™ 1st 5  made mainly with clay. 💧 💵

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