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Introducing Pollen Nation: A Groundbreaking Australian Manuka Honey Beauty Brand Now Available at Spa Circle

Introducing Pollen Nation: A Groundbreaking Australian Manuka Honey Beauty Brand Now Available at Spa Circle

Exclusive wholesale pricing for Beauty Salon and Day Spa owners on a natural solution to wound care and inflammatory skin conditions

Spa Circle is thrilled to announce the launch of Pollen Nation, a revolutionary Australian Manuka Honey beauty brand, on our platform at With exclusive wholesale pricing for beauty salon and day spa owners, you can now offer your clients a natural and effective solution for wound care and inflammatory skin conditions like rosacea. Spa Circle CEO Brad McDonald is excited to collaborate with Pollen Nation founder Ezra and her team to bring this innovative brand to the forefront of the professional beauty industry.

The Inspiring Story Behind Pollen Nation

What happens when you combine a Registered Nurse's expertise in research and wound care with a childhood spent tending to family beehives? You get Pollen Nation, Australia's first 100% Australian Manuka Honey beauty brand.

Ezra, the founder of Pollen Nation, is a Registered Nurse with a keen interest in chronic wound management. During her career, she discovered the incredible power of Manuka Honey for skin care. Intrigued by its potential, Ezra embarked on a journey to understand the clinical performance of Manuka Honey in reducing inflammation, providing antimicrobial action, and promoting healing. After years of research, trials, and testing, Pollen Nation, Australia's buzz-worthy beauty brand, was born.

Unexpected Benefits for Acne and Breakouts

When Ezra set out to create a Manuka Honey-based skincare brand, she didn't anticipate the remarkable benefits her formulas would have on acne and breakouts. Having struggled with hormonal acne and psoriasis since childhood, she rarely found products that were gentle enough to work with her skin, rather than against it.

Pollen Nation is passionate about encouraging everyone to embrace their skin and celebrate themselves as they are. Ezra understands firsthand the impact skin concerns can have on self-confidence. With a winning formula that ticked all the boxes, the buzz around Pollen Nation grew, and before-and-after images showcasing transformative results began to pour in.

A Game Changer in Manuka Honey Skincare

Pollen Nation is revolutionising the way we harness the power of Manuka Honey in skincare. Their formula hits the skincare sweet spot, offering a natural, effective, and soothing solution for various skin concerns.

Join us in celebrating this innovative brand and help your clients discover a natural solution for their skin concerns.

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