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Introducing Winter Wellness Facial: Your Ultimate Solution to Winter Skin Concerns

Introducing Winter Wellness Facial: Your Ultimate Solution to Winter Skin Concerns

Winter often brings with it the challenge of dull, dry, and lifeless skin, leaving us yearning for a solution that caters to these seasonal skin concerns while offering a luxurious and relaxing experience. Spa Circle is excited to unveil the Winter Wellness Facial, an indulgent treatment carefully curated to help you combat common winter skin issues effectively.

The Customer Experience 

At the heart of the Winter Wellness Facial are a selection of high-performing products that deliver deep hydration, combat dryness, and promote radiant, glowing skin. The treatment uses the Esthemax® Hydrojelly Mask and the EmerginC Triple Threat Peel, among other top-tier products, ensuring your skin receives the best nourishment possible.

The Winter Wellness Facial isn't just about addressing skin concerns but also about providing a tranquil, rejuvenating experience. As part of this treatment, your clients will have the opportunity to upgrade and personalise their facial, taking it from luxurious to an unforgettable indulgence. With options like an Organic Ginger & Lime Back Scrub & Eye Tension Relief Ritual, it truly is a winter facial like no other.

But the Winter Wellness Facial doesn't stop at delivering skin-transforming results and a high-end salon experience.

The Salon Opportunity 

At Spa Circle, we believe in offering a comprehensive solution. That's why we've designed the Winter Wellness Facial to be more than just a service but an opportunity for salons to increase their revenues.

There are four key ways the Winter Wellness Facial contributes to your business growth:

  1. The Core Service: The Winter Wellness Facial itself is a premium service designed to attract new clients and retain regulars, boosting your earnings.
  2. The Upgrade Menu: By offering add-ons and enhancements to the standard facial, you can increase your average transaction value per client.
  3. The Post Service Offer: A carefully designed post-treatment offer can encourage repeat bookings, thus ensuring a steady stream of business.
  4. Retail Revenue Opportunity: Selling complementary skincare products post-treatment can significantly augment your earnings. The more often your client visits, the greater this potential becomes.

The done for you marketing 

We also understand that launching a new service can be daunting, which is why we've got your marketing covered too!

When you choose to incorporate the Winter Wellness Facial into your salon services, you receive a complete package of marketing materials, including social media posts, email campaigns, and even an online booking description.

Our goal is to make this launch as seamless and successful as possible for you.

Winter is here, and so is the solution to all your skin concerns! Indulge in our Winter Wellness Facial and discover not just revitalised, radiant skin, but also the opportunity to grow your salon business.

Visit our Winter Wellness Facial collection to explore our packages and kickstart your flawless launch. The Winter Wellness Facial isn't just a service - it's an experience, an opportunity, and a solution. 

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