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Leveraging Google My Business: The Game-Changer for Salons and Spas

Leveraging Google My Business: The Game-Changer for Salons and Spas

Salons, spas, and skin clinics, have you tapped into one of the most potent platforms for customer acquisition yet? We're not talking about the latest viral social media trend but about a trusted stalwart: Google My Business (GMB).

The Power Beyond Social Media

While Instagram and Facebook have been the darlings of the salon and spa marketing world, there's a sleeper tool that many are overlooking. Google My Business doesn't just allow businesses to list their services; it fosters genuine interaction and trust-building with potential clients.

A Lesson from Sand & Sky

I recall my time as a speaker at Etail Connect 2022 vividly. There, I had the opportunity to listen to Stephanie Michel, one of the Co-Founders of the groundbreaking brand, Sand & Sky. In the early phase of their venture, they achieved something phenomenal: shipping 60,000 units of their now-iconic pink clay masks in mere weeks.

But what was their magic formula? The answer is simpler than one might expect. Rather than focusing solely on their product or mainstream marketing channels, they laid emphasis on building trust. The method? Prioritising reviews outside their main website. They championed the authenticity of customer photo reviews and smartly encouraged real users to share their skincare experiences on social platforms.

The result? An influx of off-platform reviews that exude genuine user experience. Such testimonials often hold more weight than polished advertisements or curated in-house testimonials.


Why is every expert in our industry not talking about this? Yesterdays email to Spa Circle Members contains the ebook, please let me know if you need it resent. Danielle xx

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Why Off-Platform Reviews Matter

For someone looking for a new salon or spa, trust is paramount. With off-platform reviews, potential clients get a transparent view of actual customer experiences. This authenticity can be a significant factor for someone debating where to book their next appointment. It's a testament to a business's service quality, and a chorus of genuine positive reviews can outshine even the most glamorous of advertisements.

Your Guide to Mastering Google My Business

Inspired by the likes of Sand & Sky and understanding the power of genuine customer interactions, I've put together an eBook. It's a resource tailor-made for salons, spas, and skin clinics, emphasizing the importance of platforms like GMB over discount-driven promotions.

📘 Download your copy here.

Gone are the days when only slashing prices could attract new clients. Step into the era of genuine interactions and trust-building with Google My Business.

Wishing you growth and success in your business endeavors. 🌻

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