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Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Makeup Artist Tanya Golden Flinders View, QLD

Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Makeup Artist Tanya Golden Flinders View, QLD

Makeup Artist Tanya Golden


Makeup Artist Tanya Golden is a makeup, and hairstyling studio located in Flinders View.

Services: makeup / hair / skin

Catch up with Makeup Artist Tanya Golden to see how the magic is created..


 Where did your journey in the beauty industry begin?

I started my journey out doing a Makeup course and then managed Cosmetic counters in pharmacy selling cosmetics, beauty & fragrance at 18, attending every training I could to learn more, and I continued on to study beauty therapy as I had such a passion to learn more. I also found working in pharmacy is great experience for advising on skin conditions, so when you see one in a Makeup service or any other service in studio you know what to do.


What makes your salon so successful?

I love learning, I spend my days off finding new online education to upskill or find ways my business could be better to improve. So much my mum gets up me that I need to take a break.


Which Esthemax product could you not live without?

Ohh so tough ! I love my Power Pro Illuminating Sleep Oil followed by the Ceramide Cloud Creme makes my skin feel amazing, I actually love wearing no Makeup currently my skin feels great.


If there was some advice you could give an up and coming therapist, what would you tell them?

"Pretty much absorb everything you can" Find groups for Therapists that chat about new things to keep in the loop etc.. Sign up to beauty therapy magazines!


How did your business change after you introduced Esthemax?

It has made my Facials next level the range, and also adding the option of mini Facials to a short Brow service is a great way to go from brows to advising on skin. Currently love the LED See Through Hydrojelly for my led Facials.


What are your goals for this year?

This year my goal is to finish my new Tanning Room Zone, I'm a nerd that maps out my plan of attack and then think of cool ideas I can add into it to make it pop ! Always have a note pad to jot down ideas to bring to action. Make those dreams a plan !



Find Makeup Artist Tanya Golden.

20 Barret St, Flinders View QLD 4305

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