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Skin Clinic Feature - Mona of Simply Luminous Skin, Concord NSW

Skin Clinic Feature - Mona of Simply Luminous Skin, Concord NSW

Mona of Simply Luminous Skin, Concord NSW 

What was your motivation to start Simply Luminous Skin?

I’ve always been passionate about everything skincare but I never thought I was capable of expanding my passion into a dream. The motivation to start this journey, after working years in a completely opposite industry, is due to my supportive friends and family. They always believed I had the potential to follow this dream and to truely grow from it. So I thank them for always pushing me every step of the way xx

Can you share with us your Skin Philosophy?

I believe that the same way it takes years to cause damage to our skin, repairing it won’t happen overnight. I always start slow and simple to try and understand the integrity of the clients skin and if I can help them. I strive to work closely with clients in understanding their lifestyle, how we can improve their health and always checking in between visits to make sure we’re seeing the progress we both want. I’ve always believed that I can contribute 30% of my efforts to reach a clients skin goals but the remainder 70% is investing time in their home care. I’m always researching to better myself and my understanding of how the skin functions, and educating my clients along the way.

What are the most common types of skin concerns you work with?

Problematic skin concerns and different types of pigmentation

Favourite Skincare & Skin technology you love to work with?

High frequency + LED light therapy, I don’t mind going old school to work on the surface, and advance to work at a cellular level. A new favourite of mine is a hydrojelly mask under the oxygen dome, the results are hydrated, plump and calm skin.

How long have you been using the Esthemax range and what do your clients say about the masks? 

The 1 year mark is coming up this December!

The first response I receive from my clients is “oh, that smells beautiful” then “ahh that feels amazing” and they’re always fascinated by the masks unique texture.

What is your favourite Esthemax mask or custom combination?

This is a hard one, 😂 I’ve recently been experimenting and customising each mask application and not only are the options limitless, but I keep finding ways to love the masks more.

Some favourites:
Renewal boost + Egyptian Rose (together and used individually)
and Himalayan white tea

Your social media is always so flawlessly curated, have you got any tips for other skin clinics on how to create such amazing content on Social Media? 

Thank you! I’ve always been driven when I set my mind on a task, have an eye for detail (or so people tell me 🤷🏻‍♀️), and have a tendency to be a tad ocd. These traits have helped me grow my social media, and challenge me daily to not only keep going ,but to continue finding things that make me unique from others.

My advice is to have a theme or colour pallete that your page is focused on. Let the image and experience you’re trying to sell shine through in a clear, clean and simple way. These days social media formats play a big role in how we present our business to clients, and at times this can reflect on what the client expects when they visit you. So good lighting is key for filming and photos, apps that help organise what to post next, this keeps your social media as a whole looking more coordinated, play around with how you take photos by trying different angles, and invest in editing apps that help you create amazing stories, more than likely that’s the first thing people are tempted to open 😉

Some of Mona's work on Instagram @simplyluminousskin


What is your most effective form of marketing?

I would say my videos. I think this really helps clients to see a glimpse of what they can experience when visiting my service. I always receive a video in a message with a “Whats this? I want it” 😂

Tell me about your own Skincare & Selfcare routine?

I have combination skin, but that’s never stopped me from packing on the hydration. I find that clients are either misguided in the notion that using a moisturiser can lead to more oil, or that spf is some how not that important. If I do nothing in my morning skincare routine, you can still guarantee I have spf on.

Depending on how much time I have, I love using an essence water (I’m all about putting back into the skin, not stripping), vitamin c, gel based moisturiser, lip balm and spf in the morning. My night routine changes depending on the condition of my skin. Starting with a double cleanse, essence water, Hyaluronic acid, retinol or facial oil, moisturiser, eye cream and lip balm. I treat myself to a mini facial on Sundays, light therapy several nights a week and I’m currently working on pigmentation and building collagen through skin needling.


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