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The Hemp Drop Launch with Spa Circle

The Hemp Drop Launch with Spa Circle

Introducing The Hemp Drop 

The Hemp Drop is dedicated to creating skincare products that nurture and support all skin types and conditions using high-quality, earth-grown ingredients. Their formulations prioritise maintaining the skin's natural barrier and utilise sustainable packaging made from recyclable materials. Accredited as toxin-free by Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Hemp Drop avoids harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances, focusing instead on natural scents and eco-friendly practices. This commitment to green ingredients ensures their products are both effective and environmentally conscious.

The Hemp Drop’s plant-based skincare is now available to Spa Circle members!

The Hemp Drop Range

Desert Lime Enzyme MaskThis mask harnesses the power of desert lime to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin. It's perfect for a refreshing and rejuvenating facial treatment.

Passionfruit + Hemp OilA balancing and regenerating oil that nourishes the skin, calms irritation, and helps maintain oil production without clogging pores. It promotes elasticity and reduces fine lines for a radiant glow.

Tremella + Snowflake™ Face & Eye SerumFeaturing Tremella Mushroom and Snowflake Bulb Extract, this serum deeply hydrates and enhances skin elasticity, reducing fine lines and brightening the complexion.

Prebiotic MoisturiserLightweight, yet deeply hydrating moisturiser is readily absorbed, creating softness and suppleness for all skin types. Softens fine lines, skin barrier loving, and is soothing to the skin.

Your Salon and The Hemp Drop

Integrate The Hemp Drop’s products into your spa and salon treatments for a luxurious, natural treatment experience. Use the Desert Lime Enzyme Mask to exfoliate and brighten. The Passionfruit + Hemp Oil can be added to facial massages or used as a facial oil to nourish and balance the skin. For deep hydration and anti-aging benefits, apply the Tremella + Snowflake™ Face & Eye Serum then the Prebiotic Moisturiser + a good dose of SPF to finish.

The Hemp Drop is a collection by Skin Matrix that has recently launched with Spa Circle. To purchase The Hemp Drop for your salon through Spa Circle, go here or become a member to gain purchasing access.

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