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Ultimate Salon Christmas Marketing: Planning for Success with Spa Circle

Ultimate Salon Christmas Marketing: Planning for Success with Spa Circle

The festive season is fast approaching, and the opportunity for fruitful sales and client engagement is knocking at your door. 

Goals and Planning

The most important part is that we need to know is where we want to go with our Christmas Marketing Campaign. I'm going to show you how focusing on achieving a 30% increase in 3 key areas can double your business. If you want to double your business make these key areas your focus; 

  1. Your average order value (AOV)
  2. New clients coming through the door 
  3. Frequency of your client visits  

This Christmas Campaign guide will focus on maximising your Average Order Value (AOV), bringing in new clients and generating bookings for the traditionally quieter periods in January and February which is aimed to increase your frequency of visit.

How to Reach the Goal

  • Analyse Past Data: Understand your previous year's AOV and gift vouchers to set achievable targets.
  • Create Strategic Offers with limited time or new experiences: A trio of small, medium, and large offers allows flexibility and entices various customer segments.
  • Upsell with Gift vouchers, Retail & an irresistable upgrade: Exclusive products from Spa Circle, including Hydrojelly Masks, provide a unique and personalised experience.

Seasonal Promotions & Offers

Offering compelling packages and products will not only attract new customers but also retain existing ones. Here's how you can do it:

  • Small, Medium & Large Offers: Encourage spending by creating three-tiered packages.
  • Gift Vouchers: Offer innovative gift voucher deals, like buy one get one free or complimentary upgrades, to stimulate bookings during quieter periods.
  • Your Retail Space: Fully stocked shelves increase the likelihood of consumer purchase. Consider creating branded gift packs with your business logo. 
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Five Star Salon Services & New Experiences 

Revamp your service menu with Spa Circle's Festive Facials, uniquely curated for the Summery Christmas season in Australia.

  • Organic Sea Moss Facial: A mesmerising turquoise coloured Esthemax Sea Moss Hydrojelly is paired with the Scientific Organics Peptide Booster serum which also contains Irish Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus) but also formulated with potent actives likes Peptides, Astaxanthin, Kombucha, Bamboo Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract & so much more. It's like they were made for each other. And the Scientific Organics Multi Fruit Acid Peel which is a gentle, nourishing peel with Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Sugar Cane Extract, Bilberry Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Grapefruit Oil. What a treat! Learn more about the Esthemax Wildcrafted Sea Moss Hydrojelly.

  • Longevity Facial: This bright and beautiful tangerine coloured experience combines the world of wellness with skin health. The Esthemax NAD+ Longevity Hydrojelly Mask is paired with emerginC Complexion Perfection an instant skin transformation serum with potent concentrations of alpha-lipoic acid, retinol, azulene, and Siberian sea buckthorn extract & the emerginC Triple Threat Peel Professional strength which is an intelligently formulated peel that combines the power of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, Fig extract & Pine Bark extract. An anti-aging facial of dreams! Learn more about the Esthemax NAD+ Longevity Hydrojelly mask.

  • Glutathione Facial: If you need a WOW factor, here it is. This WOW purple experience is all about a brightening glow for Hyperpigmentation & Anti-aging. The combination of the Esthemax Glutathione Hydrojelly paired with the emerginC Vitamin C Serum 20% which is an active, non-irritating vitamin C serum with three forms of stable, high-concentration vitamin C, an oxygenating ginseng complex, and a plant-based brightening complex help to even skin tone and texture, fight free radical damage, and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And the emerginC Triple Threat Peel Professional strength an intelligently formulated peel that combines the power of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, Fig extract & Pine Bark extract. Learn more about the New Glutathione Hydrojelly Mask. 

  • Bakuchiol Facial: A bright emerald green anti-aging experience that is suitable for sensitive skins, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The Esthemax Retinol Alternative (Bakuchiol) Hydrojelly is paired with the Esthemax Meso-PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic) Serum  which works with the skin's natural renewal process to increase visible density and elasticity, the key actives are PLLA & 14 different peptides naturally occurring in the epidermal layers that signal optimal cellular activity and the production of collagen and the emerginC Fruitality Peel which uses Papain Enzymes, Vitamin C, AHAs, BHAs, Green Tea, & Fig Extract to achieve glowing, revived skin. Learn more about the Esthemax Retinol Alternative Bakuchiol Hydrojelly Mask. 

Summary of Optimised TRADE Pairs 

 Facial Experience   Hydrojelly ®  Serum  Peel 
Organic Sea Moss Facial Esthemax Sea Moss Hydrojelly® Mask Scientific Organics Peptide Booster serum  Scientific Organics Multi Fruit Acid Peel 
Longevity Facial Esthemax NAD+ Longevity Hydrojelly® Mask  emerginC Complexion Perfection emerginC Triple Threat Peel Professional strength
Glutathione Facial Esthemax Glutathione Hydrojelly® Mask   emerginC Vitamin C Serum 20%  emerginC Triple Threat Peel Professional strength 
Bakuchiol Facial Esthemax Retinol Alternative (Bakuchiol) Hydrojelly® Mask Esthemax Meso-PLLA (Poly-L-Lactic) Serum  emerginC Fruitality Peel 

Christmas Inspired Upgrade Menu 

An upgrade menu presents a powerful strategy for beauty salons, day spas, and skin clinics aiming to elevate their Average Order Value (AOV). By offering clients the ability to enhance their chosen treatments with premium add-ons or exclusive services, businesses not only customise the client's experience but also create opportunities for additional revenue.

Whether it's an advanced facial technique, a luxurious body scrub, or a specialised therapy, an upgrade menu encourages clients to indulge a little more, transforming a routine visit into an extraordinary pampering session.

By aligning these upgrades with the premium products, the appeal further intensifies, marrying quality with desire. This seemingly simple strategy can significantly boost overall sales, enrich the client's experience, and cement loyalty, contributing to a more prosperous and client-focused business.

Here is a Spa Circle curated example of a Christmas inspired Upgrade Menu 

  1. Christmas Sparkle Lime & Ginger Scrub - A rejuvenating exfoliation for your back and arms designed for all skin types. Using the Scientific Organics' exclusive blend of dissolving sugar granules, natural ahas, Noni Seed Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and the zest of Ginger and Lime, this opulent exfoliation removes dead skin cells and evens skin tone, leaving your skin deeply hydrated and conditioned. TRADE Product: Scientific Organics Ginger-Lime Sugar Scrub. 

  2. Serenity Scalp Massage with Hemp Infusion - Experience the ultimate nourishment with our Serenity Scalp Massage, infused with organic and fair trade ingredients like Marula Oil, and soothing Hemp Seed Oil, this luxurious treatment rejuvenates all skin types, providing an oasis of comfort that balances moisture and leaves your scalp feeling refreshed with the calming scents of Sage and Cedar. TRADE Product: emerginC Rawceuticals™ RAW BODY OIL. 

  3. Contour & Glow Tightening Mask - Embrace the festive season with this must-have upgrade for your upcoming events and parties. Utilising the innovative Argireline Contouring technology, this no-downtime facial tightens and smooths, reducing fine lines and pores. It's the perfect way to achieve radiant, event-ready skin without any recovery time, so you can glow all summer long. TRADE Product: Esthemax Argireline Contouring Mask. 

  4. Sea Moss, French Clay & Peppermint Cocoon - This invigorating body wrap uses a peppermint-enhanced French green clay mask, enriched with nourishing seaweed, aloe, and trending Irish Sea Moss, to remove toxins and restore minerals, leaving your skin toned and radiant for any occasion. TRADE Product: Scientific Organics TRADE French Green Clay, Seaweed + Peppermint Detox Mask. 

  5. Sunset Bliss MassageAllow the aromatic allure of the Sunset Bliss Massage to transport you to a serene tropical escape. This full-body relaxation massage, infused with the sumptuous scents of coconut, apricot, and argan oils, will nourish your skin and delight your senses. The rich, nourishing oils blend seamlessly with hints of eucalyptus, clove, bergamot, and orange peel, soothing the skin and melting away tension. Experience the ultimate sensation of tranquility and emerge feeling relaxed and luxuriously nourished. TRADE Product: Scientific Organics TRADE Coconut-Argan Massage Oil.

Salon Gift Vouchers Strategy 

Creating a well-planned Gift Voucher (GV) strategy for your Christmas Marketing Campaign can be a key element in attracting new customers, retaining loyal ones, and maximising revenue during the festive season. Here's a comprehensive plan with some statistics to support the effectiveness of the campaign:

1. Identify Target Audience and Objectives:

  • Who are you targeting? Loyal customers, new clients, seasonal shoppers?
  • What are your objectives? Increase revenue, reward loyalty, promote new services, fill in quiet periods?

2. Offer Variety and Incentives:

  • Buy One Get One Free: Offer this for specific treatments that you want to promote or for those with higher margins.
  • Bonus $50 GV with Every $100 GV: This can stimulate higher spend and can be perfect for gifting. The key is to have limitations on the bonus gift voucher like "can only be used during certain periods for specific high margin services" 
  • Complimentary Upgrades: Encourage larger purchases by adding value through complimentary upgrades.
  • Bonus Product with GV over $200: This is an extra enticement and can help clear inventory.

3. Time the Promotions Right

  • Early-Bird Specials: Start the campaign early in the season to catch those who shop ahead.
  • One-Day Flash Sales: Create a sense of urgency but be prepared for the demand, as you've experienced.

4. Leverage Statistics According to Gift Card Granny, 65% of customers will spend more than the value of their gift card, often 35% more.

5. Plan for the Known Quiet Periods Use the GV strategy to fill known quiet periods by including incentives that encourage bookings during these times.

6. Terms & Conditions Ensure all offers comply with local laws and regulations regarding gift cards and vouchers.

7. Prepare your team Train staff and provide clear guidelines to ensure a smooth customer experience, especially if you anticipate a large influx of customers.

Christmas Retail Strategy for beauty salons, day spas and skin clinics

In the lead-up to the Christmas season, consumers are on the lookout for thoughtful and convenient gifts. By fully stocking shelves with popular products like the Esthemax Hydrojelly Retail Kits and other trending skincare & wellness items, beauty salons, day spas, and skin clinics can capitalise on the impulse buying that often accompanies the festive season.

Permission to stock up on your Best Sellers

Research has consistently shown that well-stocked and thoughtfully arranged shelves significantly increase the probability of purchases. Presenting these products in visually appealing displays that evoke the spirit of indulgence and pampering can further entice customers.

Your own curated brand packs filled with your favourites & gift vouchers 

Furthermore, creating exclusive, branded gift packs using Spa Circle's unique line can offer a personalised touch that resonates with the holiday spirit. Curating special packages that cater to different skin types or specific beauty needs adds value and makes the gift selection process more straightforward for customers. Packaging these in festive and elegant boxes enhances their appeal as ready-to-give presents.

Share your behind the scenes, training and new experiences

To maximise success, it is essential to promote these special offerings across various channels. In-store signage, social media posts, and targeted email campaigns can be used to highlight the unique benefits and limited availability of these holiday gift packs.

Collaboration with Spa Circle's marketing team could amplify the reach and create a sense of urgency, ensuring that beauty salons, day spas, and skin clinics drive sales and build customer loyalty during the most lucrative time of the year.

Checklist for your Christmas marketing touch points

Your Christmas Marketing campaign should not be a secret, so let everyone know through all your touch points. 

  • In Salon: Engage all senses with aromatherapy, festive decor, and strategic retail displays.
  • Website: Update banners, announcements, and create dedicated specials or gift voucher pages.
  • Social Media & Emails: Regularly promote your offers and Spa Circle's exclusive products.
  • Collaborations: Team up with Spa Circle for unique promotions, enhancing your festive offerings.

This Christmas, your professional beauty business can thrive like never before with strategic planning, seasonal promotions, and a little help from Spa Circle's exclusive product range. Follow this Ultimate Salon Christmas Marketing guide and unwrap the potential for the best Christmas revenue ever.

Remember, the festive season is a time of joy and rejuvenation. With Spa Circle by your side, you can offer just that to your clients while growing your business to new heights.

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