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Australian Laser Clinic Feature: JY Laser & Skin Craigieburn, VIC

Australian Laser Clinic Feature: JY Laser & Skin Craigieburn, VIC

JY Laser & Skin


JY Laser & Skin is a hub of aesthetics dedicated to making you feel good, located in Craigieburn

Services: laser, microdermabrasion, needline, semi-permanent foundation

Catch up with JY Laser & Skin to see how the magic is created..


 Where did your journey in the beauty industry begin?

My journey began over 4 years ago when I decided I wanted to peruse my passion for laser and skin. I successfully graduated from Elly Lukas Beauty College gaining my Beauty Diploma. Since then I have worked in a number of clinics to better my skills and knowledge as well as completing many other certificates to ensure when the day came to open up my own business I would be fully qualified for all the treatments I was performing. In February 2021 I successfully opened my own Laser and Skin Clinic, JY Laser & Skin Clinic. 


What makes your salon so successful?

What makes my Clinic successful is that I pride myself on being a qualified therapist in all treatments I provide and educating my clients. I have invested in only the very best for my clients using the #1 Laser hair removal technology in the world the Lumenis Splendor X. Proud to say I have one of the three machines in Melbourne. 


Which Esthemax product could you not live without?

I would not be able to live without my Hydro Jelly Masks, they are literally my new obsession and all my clients have been loving them. They have made a great contribution to my skin treatments. 


If there was some advice you could give an up and coming therapist, what would you tell them?

Peruse what you love to do, never give up and never be afraid to ask for help. Get your qualifications so that you are more confident and knowledgeable to ensure you are giving your clients the best. 


How did your business change after you introduced Esthemax?

After introducing Esthemax my clients have been loving the end results to their treatments and how amazing the difference has been from adding the jelly mask to their treatments. Can’t wait to add many more esthemax treatments in the future. 


What are your goals for this year?

My goals for this year is to grow my business and educate all my future clients to ensure everyone is being treated correctly to suit their skin and needs. Ensuring all my clients are happy with all of their treatments and to hopefully add a lot more treatments to JY Laser & Skin. 



Find JY Laser & Skin .

47 Riegelhuth St, Craigieburn VIC 3064

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