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Australian Beauty Salon Feature: Devine Skin Co Pakenham, VIC

divine skin co home salon medium size room with cupboards, window with palm tree visible and treatment bed int he middle of the room

Devine Skin Co


Envy by BH is a home-based female beauty and cosmetic clinic located in Pakenham

Services: skin, tinting, waxing, lifting, tanning

Catch up with Divine Skin Co to see how the magic is created..


Where did your journey in the beauty industry begin?

My journey started in 2014 after I’d just finished my hair dressing qualifications and I realised it was something I wanted to add to my career and build myself as a person.


What makes your salon so successful?

I think being so driven and focused on skin and helping people have the best condition of their skin I think is so important and having such a good relationship with my clients.


Which Esthemax product could you not live without?

Definitely the barrier pro I live for it and also the diamond hydrojelly mask.


If there was some advice you could give an up and coming therapist, what would you tell them?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, I know therapists don’t like helping others but without educating one another how do we grow individually and as a whole for a business.


How did your business change after you introduced Esthemax?

It changed a lot as there were more treatments I could offer that no other salon did in the time I started treatments also from being in the industry for this amount of time I’d used a lot of products but I was never happy with the results and I wanted to be different from everyone else. 


What are your goals for this year?

To grow my business and start my new journey for my business and do more education on skincare and what’s best for everyone’s individual skincare need. 



Find Divine Skin Co.

Pakenham, VIC, 3810

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