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Explore the Legacy of Madame Korner: Time-Honoured Elegance in Australian Beauty Therapy Since 1904

Introducing Madame Korner: A Century of Elegance in Australian Beauty
Madame Korner, a pioneer in beauty since 1904, proudly presents a legacy of skincare excellence. This brand, celebrated for establishing Australia's first professional beauty therapy training school, combines historical richness with modern innovation.

A Legacy of Beauty and Innovation
Our journey, spanning over a century, includes milestones like launching Australia's first Beauty Therapy Trainees in 1953 and expanding globally even during challenging times. Madame Korner symbolizes resilience and commitment to timeless beauty care.

The Essence of Madame Korner: Tradition Meets Modernity
Our philosophy intertwines heritage with cutting-edge advancements. From the innovative Electro-peel machine in 1969 to our user-friendly website in 2021, we ensure a seamless blend of tradition and contemporary skincare practices.

Quality Skincare for Timeless Beauty
Madame Korner’s skincare range, originally for professional salon use, has evolved to cater to today's skincare enthusiasts. Each product reflects our dedication to quality and the ethos of classic beauty care.

At Spa Circle, we're proud to offer the Madame Korner collection, aligning with our mission to support Australian beauty businesses. Madame Korner brings a unique mix of historical elegance and modern skincare to our valued clients, embodying sophistication and quality in every product. Discover the enduring charm of Madame Korner with us.