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Spa Circle - Australian Wholesale Skincare Supplier

Skin Matrix by Sarah Wilkinson: The Cosmeceutical Choice for Sensitive Skin Care in Australia

We are happy to introduce you to Skin Matrix by Sarah Wilkinson, a cosmeceutical brand that aligns perfectly with Spa Circle's mission of empowering Australian salon, spa & clinic businesses. Operating as a since 2005 and led by Sarah Wilkinson, a skincare specialist with over 24 years of industry experience, Skin Matrix has crafted an unparalleled approach to holistic skincare.

The Four Pillars of Skin Health Program

Unique to Skin Matrix, the Four Pillars of Skin Health Program is an innovative guide that delves into topical care, hormone health, gut health, and emotional well-being. Working in collaboration with other healthcare specialists like Integrative Doctors, Naturopaths, and Nutritionists, Sarah Wilkinson offers a wealth of insight to her clients to achieve genuine skin health.

Our Philosophy: Educating for Better Skin Care

At Skin Matrix, education is at the core of what we do. Understanding your skin and matching it with skincare that genuinely improves its quality is our primary focus. This aligns seamlessly with Spa Circle’s ethos of fostering long-term partnerships that propel growth and offer tangible benefits to your clients.

Skin Matrix Product Line: The Pinnacle of Cosmeceutical Skincare

From the inception of their first facial scrub in 2008, Skin Matrix has been on a relentless quest to formulate skincare products that are both effective and gentle. Their philosophy revolves around 'raking and feeding'—a balanced approach to exfoliating and nourishing your skin. The result? Ingredients that are not just kind to the skin but extraordinarily effective.

Your Path to Exceptional Skin Care Starts Here

As your trusted wholesale skincare supplier, Spa Circle is committed to curating only the best for Australian salons, day spas, and skin clinics. With Skin Matrix, we are confident that we are offering a product range that stands out for its scientific rigor, ethical formulation, and outstanding efficacy.

Discover the transformative potential of Skin Matrix by Sarah Wilkinson.